A Leader in All Aspects
of the Music Business

Since its inception in 1997, Music Brokers has been dedicated to the exploration and application of the many business strategies that exist in an atmosphere as dynamic and chimerical as the music industry.

In order to accomplish this task, a group of specialized professionals has been assembled with experience in the following areas: graphic design, marketing and branding, new media technologies, logistics, licensing and distribution.

Today the company is widely known and respected throughout the territory of Latin America.


Vuelta De Obligado 1947 . Piso 2 . C1428adc
Buenos Aires
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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2954
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P.O Box 1072 Maplewood, NJ 07040
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Marchant Pereira 150, of. 1403
Providencia. Santiago, Chile
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The World
Music Brokers is currently distributed in all countries shown on the map at the entrance to this site. Please refresh the page to view again.

Non-traditional points of sale
In addition to being the sales leader within the traditional market, Music Brokers has also broken new ground in Argentina by developing non traditional points of sale in places such as pharmacies, coffee shops and duty free shops, none of which had been exploited previously in this territory for the sale of music. We have also established relationships with direct sales TV channels and Avon Cosmetics, among others.


With the arrival of new digital and hand held technologies, Music Brokers is once again on the cutting edge and has created content for cell phones (such as wallpapers and ringtones) that are sold both in Latin America and in the United States and Canada where they created added value to the promotion of our albums locally.


Special products have been created for the corporate market and alliances have been built with this sector. Motorola, Moet Chandon, Mastercard, Fashion TV, Honda and Ford are but a few of our partners. The Argentine edition of Rolling Stone (Grupo Revistas La Nacion) is also one of our corporate clients, as they worked together with Music Brokers to create a collection of 30 genre based albums of previously released music. The musical selection was made by the Rolling Stone staff and coordination of the project was provided by Music Brokers. This strategy was so successful that it made its way back to the United States where it was picked up by the original Rolling Stone publication.

The Parent Label

Music Brokers is the record label specializing in the re-release of popular music across a number of genres at budget prices. Our core retail business in Argentina is based upon providing highly esteemed artists at affordable prices to our vendors. We have also built a strong reputation in the release of genre based compilations, using careful artistic criteria to select the material and extensive liner notes to provide a historical background to the work in question.

Our Trendsetting
Electronic Label

Over the past five years, the development of our in-house electronic music label has made it a point of reference within this genre both locally and internationally. Albums such as “Bossa n’ Stones” (the most sold album in 2005 in Argentina, according to CAPIF, a member of the IFPI), “Jazz and 80s”, “Buenos Aires-Paris” and “Bossa n’ Roses” have contributed to the success of this label. With seventy titles to its name and an average of two new releases per month thanks to a stable of talented producers, sky’s the limit for these guys!

PMB’s products are currently available in more than 25 countries including all of the major markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is especially well positioned in the Latin American market thanks to our subsidiaries and exclusive distribution partners.

Many tracks released by PMB have been licensed for use in compilations by labels around the world. We are proud to have participated in the Hotel Costes 9, Budda Bar X, Paris Derniere (Naïve), Just Good Music (Chall’O), Destination Lounge, and two of the Frequent Flier series by Kinkysweet, among others.

Our Collector's
Choice Label

Due to the popularity of Music Brokers’ editions of previously released material, we decided to take this operation one step further and create an in house label that would be synonymous with good taste and the best of unreleased or unexploited artists and genres, especially in Latin America. Selecta Records features carefully researched and specially selected material that is promoted intensively throughout Latin America by means of print ads, radio campaigns and television spots. Artists released through Selecta include The Arcade Fire, The Mission and Echo and the Bunnymen, among others.

Our Children's Music Label

Yet another of Music Brokers in house labels, this product line is dedicated to children’s entertainment, from pregnancy through childhood.

These products were created with the whole family in mind and not just the kids. Keeping in mind that adults listen to their kid’s music too, our musical production strives to produce songs that attract children and yet are also enjoyable for adults.

Intelikids has published over 25 albums to date in Latin America and a total of 45 titles in Spain.


Music Brokers is company that prides itself on its flexible structure and is positioned to be at the forefront of whatever new possibilities the dynamic world of the music business has to offer.

In short, we truly are a leader in all aspects of the music business.

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