Brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb—better known as the Bee Gees—are among the most successful vocal groups in rock and roll history. Few bands can say they stuck together for more than forty years, let alone that in that time selling more than 200 million records. Along the way, they became a hit-producing psychedelic pop group in England during the '60s, the biggest disco band in the world in the '70s, and had a late comeback as adult contemporary crooners in the '90s. Their long-reaching influence extended past sales figures and saw their sound and style mirrored in acts as disparate as Justin Timberlake and of Montreal.
In The Many Faces of The Bee Gees, we will embark on a journey through the inner world of pop's ultimate chameleons. We will enjoy a full live concert featuring plenty of their biggest hits. Also, we will re-experience their early -and rarely heard- works.
With stellar artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces of Bee Gees is the most recent addition to our Many Faces collection on vinyl format and for sure will be an essential part of your music library. Also, remember that it will not be available on streaming platforms.
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