Finally, and by popular demand, Music Brokers has started releasing some of their most popular albums (from their broad catalog) on vinyl. The albums have and amazing presentation and (more important) all the releases have been re-mastered specially for the analog format, something that it's not done very often these days on current re-issues that are available in the global market. So, from now on, we can enjoy the classic Music Brokers catalog with the warm and deep sound that a well mastered and pressed vinyl provides.


After starting her career as a singer in House music, Karen Souza became involved in the succesful series Jazz And…. Now, Karen has launched her solo career with Essentials, a collection that summaries her career as a jazz singer, where her unique and seductive voice shines. In the album, we can enjoy fantastic recreations of pop classics such as Every Breath You Take (The Police), Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club), Creep (Radiohead) and Tainted Love (Soft Cell), which have instantly have become instant favorites amond her fans. Essentials is a different kind of music collection, where jazz takes its most elegant shape.
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