James Brown was one of the leading figures in turning R&B into soul and, almost everyone agrees, the leading figure in turning soul music into the funk of the late '60s and early '70s. 'Soul Brother Number One,' ' the Godfather of Soul', 'the Hardest Working Man in Show Business', 'Mr. Dynamite' - those are big titles, but no one can dispute that James Brown has won them more than any other artist. Other singers were more popular, others were just as talented, but few other African-American musicians have been as influential in the history of popular music. And no other musician, pop or otherwise, put on a more thrilling and exciting live show: Brown's performances were stamina and perfectly timed marvels. Through the passionate gospel fury of his voice and the complex polyrhythms of his rhythms, Brown was a crucial part in not one, but two revolutions in American black music. In The Many Faces of James Brown we'll explore a different side of him, delving into his lesser-known works, his collaborations, live performances, and his unrivaled legacy. With fantastic cover art and remastered sound, The Many Faces of James Brown is finally available on vinyl format, and keep in mind that the album is not available on streaming platforms.
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