In the early 60s, blues and R&B was ‘the’ sound among the cool youngsters of Great Britain. That obsession with black music (which extended to soul music too), along an unbridled passion for elegance pave the way to mod culture, which was the stepping stone for some of the greatest British pop artists of all time. In the case of Stewart, he was so affiliated with the movement that he was known as "Rod The Mod”. In The Many Faces Of Rod Stewart we will cover the lesser known works of his career, his hard to find collaborations and some of his first demos. In addition we will pay homage to his wonderful repertoire and we will enjoy the originals of the songs he has covered during his career, both in his early years and also in his recent and successful series The Great American Songbook.
With expanded liner notes, a luxurious cover art and remastered sound, The Many Faces Of Rod Stewart is an essential album for any fan of British classic rock, now for the first time in vinyl format... and remember that is not available on streaming platforms!
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