Bossa N’ Stones, the collection that -back in 2006- started the Bossa Nova lounge phenomenon, is back and now in LP format collecting the best and most popular songs of the series. Bossa N' Stones showcases an electronic-tinged Bossa Nova selection of many of The Rolling Stones’ biggest classics. Artists such as Ituana, Michelle Simonal, Amazonics, Groove Da Praia, Sarah Menescal, Karen Souza and Corcovado Frequency blend the music of the iconic Rolling Stones, with contemporary electronics and a cool bossa nova flavour. The album features early Stones classics such as ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and ‘Pain It, Black’ and also some of the bands 80s hits including ‘Harlem Shuffle’ and ‘Mixed Emotions’. With fantastic artwork, Bossa N’ Stones in double-vinyl is the essential album you need to complete your ‘Bossa’ collection.
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