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In the path of successful compilations such as the Progressive Rock Trilogy, Punk Trilogy and Heavy Metal Trilogy, Music Brokers presents Glam Rock Trilogy, a wonderful three-disc album that summarizes all the splendor of the style that influenced much of British rock, from punk through Brit pop to techno pop.
As a cultural and musical style, glam rock was born in 1971, with the release of the song Ride A White Swan by T. Rex. From that moment forward, there arose a veritable fever which invariably topped the European charts. Artists such as David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Roxy Music, Slade, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, New York Dolls, Suzi Quatro, Glitter Band, The Sweet, Mott, Cockney Rebel, Suede and the aforementioned T. Rex became the heads of style, and all are included in Glam Rock Trilogy, the definitive album It includes immortal hits such as No More Mr. Nice Guy, China Girl, Walk on The Wild Side, Children of The Revolution, Ballroom Blitz, Tiger Feet , Virginia Plain, Cherry Bomb, The Passenger, Roll Away The Stone, Mr. Soft and Life On Mars?.
With beautiful cover art, carefully remastered sound and tasty liner notes telling the story of each song included, Glam Rock Anthology is a definitive album, the kind that is rarely published today.

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