Few Latin American bands can earn the title of pioneer of a music genre. Without a doubt, Los Violadores are one of few. Founded in 1981 in Buenos Aires by Hari B, Pil Trafa and Sergio Gramatika, the band emerged as a force to be rekoned with while Argentina was under a military dictatorship. After a while Hari B left and then Stuka moved to guitar and El Polaco joined the band as bass player. That would cement the classic line-up of the band. With a career that ended up spanning more than 3 decades, Los Violadores recorded a bunch of classic punk anthems that now are available for the first time in one album and on vinyl format. Lo Mejor de Los Violadores has all the essential tracks of their catalog including 1,2 Ultraviolento, Represión, Como La Primera Vez, Sentimiento Fatal and Fuera de sektor.
Lo Mejor de Los Violadores, the greatest hits album you’ve been looking for.
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