Nothing was the same after them: the Sex Pistols changed the history of pop music and turned it upside down. 46 years after his debut album, the echoes continue to reach contemporary pop music. The Many Faces of the Sex Pistols is a unique work that shows different facets of the group and its unknown environment. In this double album we find the first demos of the group, recorded by their soundman (Dave Goodman), and also recorded live, as well as different versions and many of the work recorded by the Ex Pistols, the band formed by Dave Goodman after the separation of the Pistols, with very rare material that became one of the hidden treasures of British punk. With fantastic cover art, explanatory notes and remastered sound. Now available on vinyl for the first time, The Many Faces of the Sex Pistols is an essential album, not only for fans of the group, but for all those interested in the historic progression of rock music. For those of you who have the usual Sex Pistols records coming out, The Many Faces offers new and rarely heard aspects of this pioneering band. An album for collectors.
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