We all agree that Elvis Presley has been one of the biggest stars in the history of popular music. An icon, both for his music and incredible voice and also for his charisma. Elvis was the one that made rock & roll massive, first in the US and then across the world. He was the inspiration for thousands of kids that wanted only to be a pop singer.
The Many Faces Of Elvis is the most recent release on our successful series in vinyl format that shows 'The King's' inner world. You'll have the chance to access to recordings he made with his band The Blue Moon Boys, as well as rare live recordings. We also featured some highlights from Scotty Moore and Bill Black careers, members of his early-days backing band.
On The Many Faces Of Elvis we will also have a look at the original versions of the songs that he turned into hits in the 60's and finally, remember his Vegas years in the early 70's.
With stellar artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces Of Elvis is an essential album, not only for the most rabid fans of the singer, but also for anybody interested in the development of XX century's pop music.
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