It's extremely hard to think of any band that completely pivots lineups and stylistic approaches, and then turns out well—unless of course you're Fleetwood Mac. Formed in the U.K. as a hard-edged British blues combo in the late '60s, the troupe eventually gradually morphed into a polished pop/rock act over the course of a decade, and in the process, became one of the most influential American bands of the '70s.
In The Many Faces of Fleetwood Mac, we will go down the rabbit hole to explore the lesser known side of the band and also to review the work of most of its 18 past and current members. To complete our journey, we will enjoy the band live during one of their most popular concerts of their half-a-century career.
The stellar artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces of Fleetwood Mac if the most recent addition to our Many Faces collection in vinyl, and for sure will be an essential part of your pop-rock collection. Also, remember that it will not be available on streaming platforms.
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