PUNK . 1977 / 2007 30th ANNIVERSARY
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Punk split the world of international rock in two and the aftershock can still be heard in the music scene today. The end of October of this year marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of Never Mind The Bollocks, the only album by the Sex Pistols (British pioneers of the punk movement) and to commemorate it we are proud to present Punk - 1977/2007 30th Anniversary, a collection that devotes equal attention to the genre's original groups (Velvet Underground, The Stooges, New York Dolls, The Runaways), as punk's indisputably classic performers (Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Damned, Sham 69, Sid Vicious) and brings us to the revolution of the 80s (Die Toten Hosen, Dead Kennedys, GBH). With bilingual liner notes offering a complete explication of the origins of the movement and the background of every song, an artistic album cover and a track list that includes, for the first time in the country, many songs that are genuine classics of the genre, Punk - 1977/2007 30th Anniversary is a one of a kind album that, without a doubt, will be a new hit in the record sales industry.

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