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Bossa ní Disco is one of the most anticipated albums of the season, the successor to the series that launched a new genre within the electronic music scene: electrobossa. Combining elements of bossa nova, house, chill out, psychedelic, drum n' bass, electro and jazz, electrobossa has been imitated around the world, but never equaled.
The series includes records such as Bossa ní Stones, Bossa n' Marley, Bossa n' Roses has garnered gold, platinum and double platinum records in various countries around the world.
Bossa n' Disco brings twelve versions of absolute classics from the disco era where Lady Marmalade, Night Fever or Funkytown take on a new shape, full of elegance, imagination and good taste.
As always, produced by Miko Jackson, Bossa n' Disco is, from the moment of its release, another major success in both sales and sound quality.

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