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One of the most awaited albums of the year is finally here! The latest chapter in a story that began with Bossa ní Stones and continued with Bossa ní Marley, Roses, Ramones and finally Remixes is now available to the public. Each of these titles has proven to be a building block for a new musical genre, electrobossa, which has found acclaim around the world as well as spawning a number of imitators.
The series, which has gone gold and even platinum in countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia, continues with Bossa ní Madonna, an album that reinterprets the songbook of one of the biggest pop stars of all times with the elegance, imagination and good taste to which fans of the series have become accustomed. Bossa ní Madonna combines all of the latest electronic styles with the sensuality of Brazilian music, creating a unique climate and immediate impact.
With more than a million albums sold worldwide, this latest installment of the Rio Series is without question the most adventurous and seductive to date.

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