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This is a truly outstanding project: Buenos Aires By Night, is CD plus DVD collection will undoubtedly meets the demands of the tourist who visit the city of Buenos Aires wishes take home a souvenir about the fascinating nightlife of Buenos Aires. It is also perfect for those who have not yet had the chance to visit Buenos Aires in person but have heard of its vibrant late night culture.
The Buenos Aires By Night CD presents a careful selection of the best of electronic tango, with names like Tanghetto, Narcotango Amelita Baltar, Otros Aires, Fulana, Malevo, Tangothic, Mondotango, among many others, who have worked feverishly to faithfully capture the Buenos Aires music scene of the twenty first century. The DVD shows haunting images of the most conspicuous places around town in a melancholy journey, accompanied by the sounds of electronic tango. The complete package also provides a booklet with a complete guide to the finest restaurants and tango houses of the city.
Buenos Aires By Night is truly a unique product that transcends all that has been published so far.

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