Bossa N’ Stones, the collection that -back in 2006- that started the Bossa Nova covers explosion, is back. Bossa N' Stones 3 it’s a brand-new electronic-tinged Bossa Nova selection of Rolling Stones classics. Artists such as Michelle Simonal, Amazonics, Groove Da Praia, Sarah Menescal and Corcovado Frequency blend the music of the iconic Rolling Stones, with contemporary electronics and a cool bossa nova flavour. The album features early Stones classics such as ‘Time Is On My Side’ and ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ and also some of their more recent works including ‘Anybody Seen My Baby?’, ‘Rain Fall Down’ and ‘Undercover Of The Night’.
With fantastic artwork, Bossa N’ Stones 3 is the essential album you need to complete your ‘Bossa’ collection.
If you would like to download as a *.JPG: CLICK HERE