Emerged more than a quarter century ago thanks to Seo Taiji & Boys in South Korea, K-Pop has become a culture (and an industry itself) that has taken over the world like a tsunami, gaining a widespread global audience.
K-Pop – The Ultimate & Complete Collection is a triple-CD that features many of the most popular songs of the genre including I Am The Best, Peek-A-Boo, Latata and Russian Roulette, in multiple versions. The original K-Pop sound is featured on CD1. CD2 features a collaboration project with several of the most popular Electro-Bossa artists, including Scubba, Jingo and Os Alquimistas reworking these smashing K-Pop hits in lounge versions. Finally, on CD3, you’ll find 13 brand-new remixes that for sure will burn dance-floors from Seoul to New York.
With fantastic artwork (as usual), The Best of K-Pop is the definitive collection of a cultural phenomenon where music and visuals merge for an irresistible combination.
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