The Many Faces of Iron Maiden
As we all know, Iron Maiden is one of the essential names in Heavy Metal. As usual in our successful collection The Many Faces, we submerge ourselves to explore the lesser known works of the band. You will be able to enjoy the work of bassist Steve Harris as producer of the band Slammer. You’ll also hear Stratus, drummer’s Clive Burr band after leaving Maiden. Also included are the big hits of the first two albums of the band (their favorites for many fans) with the voice of Paul Di’Anno, the original singer. All these rarities and more, complete this important album not only for Iron Maiden fans, but also for all hard-rock music lovers.
With extensive liner notes, remastered sound and beautiful cover art, The Many Faces Of Iron Maiden is an album to collect...and remember that this won’t be available on streaming platforms.
If you would like to download as a *.JPG: CLICK HERE