For many, The Who has been the best British rock band that appeared in the 60s. With its high-impact stage presence, Pete Townshed's intellect and above all, an exquisite repertoire, The Who can appear side to side with of the greatest: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
In The Many Faces Of The Who we explore the fascinating parallel world of the group: John Entwistle's solo projects, Roger Daltrey's collaborations, their influences, the originals songs that the band made versions of (such as the remarkable Young Man Blues from Mose Allison) and also we celebrate their fantastic repertoire reworked by stars such as Ocean Colour Scene, Cast or the multi-talented Petra Haden, who performs only with his voice the full The Who Sell Out album.
With a luxurious cover art, liner notes and a fantastic remastered sound, The Many Faces Of The Who is the album that any fan of British rock can’t miss. Also, keep in mind that is not available on streaming platforms!.
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