Alongside Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Genesis, King Crimson has been one of the most emblematic British progressive rock bands of all time. Always creatively led by Robert Fripp, the group has gone through numerous member changes and sound mutations. After several years of hard work, Music Brokers is proud to present The Many Faces Of King Crimson, an album where we will find hard to find works and lesser known projects from most of the members that at some point were part of the band. The Many Faces Of King Crimson is a monumental project, a triple album where we can listen to the solo work of drummer Andy McCulloch, lyricist Pete Sinfield, bassist Boz Burrell, drummer Ian Wallace, singer and bassist Gordon Haskell, the exotic percussionist Jamie Muir, drummers Michael Giles and Pat Mastelotto, stick player Trey Gunn, drummer Bill Rieflin (current member of Crimson), bassist John Wetton, the sax player Mel Collins, pianist Keith Tippett, bassist Tony Levin, drummer Jerry Marotta, singer and bassist Greg Lake, multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, guitarist Adrian Belew and obviously their supreme leader: Robert Fripp. With exquisite cover art and remastered sound, The Many Faces Of King Crimson is an exquisite album, a fundamental collection not only for fans of King Crimson, but for all the lovers of progressive rock and great music in general.
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