After a year of intense work, Music Brokers presents The Many Faces Of David Bowie, the new volume in their successful series dedicated to shown the lesser-known works of the greatest figures of rock. Sadly, the album was ready to be released when we found out about the death of the artist, undoubtedly one of the largest and most influential in the history of popular music. In The Many Faces Of David Bowie we find little know collaborations, some of his songs that only diehard fans know, tracks written by Bowie but recorded by other artists, duets with rockstars like Iggy Pop, his influences, and also the original versions of songs he has recorded from other artists, plus never before available tracks such as the wonderful Madman, his only collaboration with Marc Bolan (T.Rex’s leader). All this and a lot more is included in The Many Faces Of David Bowie, A 3XCD with a wonderful presentation, remastered sound and extensive liner notes. A unique album for both fans and for those who want to know a different side of a great artist
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