CARLOS GARDEL - Sus Clásicos y Grabaciones Perdidas
MBB 7079 7798141334223 BOX 7 FULL
Carlos Gardel is not only the father of tango, his voice is also considered a item of World Heritage, on par with some of the world´s most famous voices.
This luxurious box set presents, for the very first time ever, some of the most important moments of his exciting and influential career. With a spectacular design, careful song selection and remastered sound, this box is a true gem. It is also accompanied by an extensive biography and liner notes about the origin of each song, making this the perfect gift for the discriminating collector or any fan who wants to immerse themselves in the world of the Creole Thrush (el Zorzal Criollo).
As a bonus, this box set contains a unique CD with never released interviews of well known tango figures who were contemporaries of Gardel, speaking about their experiences with and memories of this much loved singer.
A true marvel that, in this day and age, are harder and harder to find.

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